Do It Yourself projects are the best way to bring individualism and creativity in to your life. And it is so easy to make things yourself! I created some DIY tutorials for you from things I made myself.

D.I.Y. is not just a hobby – it is a lifestyle!

One thing I love is DIY home decor to give my room a more personal touch or gift something to my friends. Selfmade presents for friends and family are the best anyway, because there is nothing more personal and intimate than a DIY present. Nice presents for birthdays or holidays is also handmade jewellery with stones, shells and other natural materials. Or you can just wear them yourself and have your travel memories always by your side! And while we are at it, besides jewellery I really love Henna Tattoos to adorn hands, feet or backs. I „tattoed“ myself and a lot of friends already and created my own henna designs.

Have fun checking out all the DIY Ideas and recreating my DIY Tutorials!