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You can finally wear the jellwery you really want if you learn to make it yourself. And it is easy! You only need some basic supplies for jewellery making and can start to create very individual jewellery designs. I also love making jewellery out of things I found while travelling, such as stones or shells.

And by the way, I LOVE jewellery and there are only a few days in the year on which I don’t wear any jewellery. My hands without rings feel empty and I always wear some earrings. It is quite easy to make beautiful earrings , and even easier to make earpins, that go along your earrobe. And last but not least, I also have some ideas for braceletsnecklaces and chokers. And if you don’t want to keep them for yourself they are beautiful DIY presents for your friends and family!

Let yourself be inspired by the tutorials and try one or two ;)

DIY | Easy Spiral Ring with Wire

Ein neues Schmuckprojekt! Ich zeige dir wie du diesen schönen Spiralring selbst machen kannst, ist echt einfach!

A new jewelry project today! I’ll show you how to make this beautiful Spiral Ring, it’s pretty easy!

• du brauchst nur die Standardzangen und Aluminiumdraht (1mm)
• you only need basic pliers and Aluminium wire (1mm)